Monday, April 16, 2012

Can't Sleep

It's 12:50 and I'm here in bed laying in the dark wondering why I can't sleep. Ever have that experience where you are just a little tired and so you head to bed either because you know that it's your bed time or are just tired enough to sleep, then when you get into bed, your brain starts to go into over drive? Yeah, that happens to me all the time.

Rather than just letting my mind wander aimlessly, in conjunction with some goals I have set, I decided to bring this blog that I have let sit fallow for several years back to life. With a name like The Cameron Owens Experience, why shouldn't it be about crazy things that I think, see, or experience?! This should be about me interviewing people at waffle house at 1am, experiences with public transit, and stuff people say. So, and to do this, first goal for my next post is to go out to waffle house this weekend at 1 if nothing exciting happens.

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